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Let’s talk about real issues in Veterinary Medicine.

About SonoTalks – Podcast: Dr. Eric C. Lindquist, CEO & Founder of talks “real talk” in veterinary medicine with experienced professionals that aren’t afraid to tell you how things really are. We’re here to help you optimise your veterinary career and your process.

5 Sono-Minutes [YouTube Series]

Welcome to the first installment of a new series with a quick interpretation of sonographic pathology! A little insight to our world as telemedicine specialists or clinical sonographers. We want to show you what we see and how we see it.

Meet The Speakers

5 SonoMinutes Youtube Series

Eric Lindquist

DMV, DABVP, Cert. IVUSS, Founder & CEO of

Dr. Lindquist has helped hundreds of sonographers go from entry level to high level by means of direct on-site instruction and remote approaches and he keeps adapting to new, efficient techniques and technologies to help you up your game. 

We educate while we interpret and that may be through a short private email, a voice memo, or a quick iPhone videoclip. or maybe you did everything right, in diagnostic fashion and need no help with that case but our report will reflect you well with your clients. 

Whatever the presentation and ability may be, we are here to supply our members only service with rock star reports and private virtual support all included in our competitive prices. See why sonographers from Europe to North America to Australia use SonoPath for case interpretation from the inside out. 

All who have used us for this have seen their businesses grow considerably. It’s just that simple and it’s not a coincidence. We do this to support you but also to avoid the telemedicine plagued garbage-in-garbage out scenarios of the past and present.

Peter Modler

DVM, Dipl.-Tzt., Specialist German Board of Cardiology

Peter Modler was Born in 1977 in Vienna. He graduated from Vienna Veterinary University in 2003 (Dr. med. vet.). In 2002-2003 he had an internship at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna. He worked at three referral clinics in Germany and Austria. 

From 2008 on he has been the head of the cardiology unit at the Traunkreis Vet Clinic – Tierklinik Sattledt in Austria. Peter’s second speciality is surgery, mainly orthopedic surgery and specialised soft tissue surgery. He is small animal specialist (Fachtierarzt fuer Kleintiere) and certified member of the widely recognized Collegium Cardiologicum e.V. 

He presents frequently and instructs courses in Cardiology. 

Since 2014 he has been co-owner of the Tierklinik Sattledt which is currently Austria’s largest small animal hospital. His main interests are mitral valve disease, interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery. He runs one of a handful of cardiac surgery units worldwide offering open heart surgery (including mitral valve repair) on a routine basis. He is married, has two children and owns three cats.