We strive to make the experience for our customers and students the best they’ve had in veterinary medicine.

This was no doubt the most rewarding CE course and/or seminar I have ever pursued.

This is head and shoulders the best course I have been on. The practical application, course material/IT, professionalism and the team’s friendliness/openness is simply the best CE I have experienced.

One of the best educational programs I have ever attended, and I have been to many over 43 yrs of practice.

"Sonopath offers a great oportunity for any vet around the world to become part of a community where experts can mentor you and assess you to speed your learning curve in diagnostic ultrasonography. In addition, its excellent website with up to date information, fast response and expert advice from Dr. Lindquist and all his team, makes Sonopath an unbeatable chance not to miss."

"I am a mobile, veterinary sonographer, and I have been using Dr. Eric Lindquist's services for over 2 years. Dr. Lindquist's consultation services have been instrumental in my ongoing learning and development. The Sonopath.com community membership has added great value to my practice. I use the Sonopath Clinical Search when I need a quick review for a particular case. The Sonopath Forum provides even more value as an interactive website where I can share interesting cases with my colleagues and get quick, down-to-earth responses from other experienced sonographers. It is the VIN for veterinary sonographers!"

“Through Sonopath.com and the Sonopath Forum, Dr. Lindquist has created a must-have resource for both budding and seasoned veterinary ultrasonographers. From the extensive library of archived ultrasound images to the timely and practical tips and advice from a panel of experts in their field, Sonopath has played an instrumental role in my steep journey to learning diagnostic veterinary ultrasonography. Sonopath.com is the perfect companion to formal ultrasound educational training as it takes what you have learned in the classroom and applies it to the real world of veterinary medicine. As far as I know, there is no other resource out there that is quite like Sonopath for veterinary ultrasound enthusiasts like myself.”

"I found the Gallbladder Mucocele Survey. I've found amazing resources inside the articles. It brings some clarity to many of these subjective issues."

Testimonials by Program

View a video sample of some of our recent courses and seminars, plus what our participants had to say about their experience. 

SDEP® Abdomen Hands-On & LIVE Virtual | January 2023



Dr. Zachary Pilossoph, CAVM – Human Excelsior LLC “This was no doubt the most rewarding CE course and/or seminar I have ever pursued. Perfecting ultrasound technique for me was a primary goal of mine this year, and this course was absolutely perfect. In fact, it far exceeded expectations. From the friendly staff, to the balanced lecture/lab schedule, to the expertise of the lecturers, to the amazing food/hospitality, I have zero complaints. I will most definitely be returning in order to pursue additional labs in the future. “

Dr. Anthony Krawitx, BVSc – Calusa Veterinary Center “I have been to many other conferences, courses, lectures, and ultrasound training series, and I found this to be the best so far. What made it great was the general relaxed (dare I say loving), atmosphere and facility. Every staff member was genuinely a nice, cool person, starting from Dr Lindquist, as well as all the others. Everyone was kind, helpful, relaxed, trying to please and teach, and it made for a really enjoyable even if tiring weekend. I left happy and fulfilled with a new sense of vigor and urgency to learn and practice this new method as soon as possible.”

Dr. Julie Vezzetti – Stuga North Veterinary Care “I loved the efficient approach to getting a comprehensive ultrasound review of the entire abdomen, a place that I once saw as a bunch of gray has now become more black and white! Thank you!”

Dr. Laurel Logas – Bradenton Veterinary Hospital “I feel that I have improved and expanded my scanning skills significantly. I feel that I have improved and expanded my scanning skills significantly. I love the sonopath community and I do believe that it is the best way to scan. It is very innovative and has even improved since my last course. The weekend is packed full of great information, hands on training, good food an excellent people! I am exhausted in a satisfied happy way.”

Dr. Eliza O’Callaghan – Preston Animal Hospital “Career changing CE weekend. This is a wonderful company and can’t wait for SDEP to takeover the veterinary community across the world (because it will one day).”

Dr. Mark Ayers, BS – Ayers Animal Hospital “One of the best educational programs I have ever attended, and I have been to many over 43 yrs of practice.”

Megan Spatz – Boren Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital “The course material was more than I could have ever expected. I learned so much information that will be very valuable in the clinic. I wish I could stay here and keep up the learning. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable in all aspects of the company and classes offered. Every clinician or technician doing ultrasounds should attend this course. The amount of information you get in one weekend is unreal. Tons of information, from what you never would have thought of to the simple things you forgot about, you get it all. It’s also taught in a way that everyone can learn from. Great job Sonopath!!”

Jenna Rupp RDMS – Littlestown Veterinary Hospital “Very knowledgeable about all the anatomy and pathology that pertains to it. Definitely worth it!”

Dr. Sarah Nelson – Relief Vet “I feel much more confident finding adrenals and getting a full scan without missing anything. Everyone was super knowledgeable and helpful. I learned so much, it’s very practical and with a fast-learning curve. I think it will change the way I do ultrasounds. I have been doing ultrasounds in the traditional way for 5 years, but after taking the abdominal lab and sampling lab I am amazed at how much more I can find now! I feel so much more confident that I will find the adrenals and not miss any pathology!”

Dr. Elyse Hauer, BSc – Mariposa Veterinary Hospital “Good systematic method for scanning. Great people!”



SDEP® The Everything + Ortho Hands-On Lab | December 2022


Ms. Frances Faulkner LVT – “I feel the trading is high quality taught by a top notch team. The speakers seemed very knowledgeable and approachable. The Team was more than accommodating & great to be around. The labs and lectures were extremely informative. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging. I feel I’ve been set up for success.”

Dr. Robert Nack – Veterinary Specialty Services “There are three stages of ultrasound competency: the first is getting the mechanics and being able to do efficiently produce quality scans. The next is developing a thorough understanding of the anatomy so that you can know how and why the position of your probe will give you the image that you need. The third is then being able to see someone else who is scanning and be able to tell them how to move their probe to achieve the image. It is evident to me that a Sonopath course will help you reach the first level. I believe the technique feed back offered can help reach the second level. SDEP certification is a step toward the third. If you want to be a good sonographer commit yourself to the goal of completing all of these.”

Leah Nicholas – “Exceded all expectations. Very helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. Everyone was very willing to help me with what I was struggling with.”

Dr. Brian HougentoglerI, CVA – K-Vet Animal Care “Had a wonderful experience at my first SonoPath meeting. Got to learn so many new thing to use ultrasound. The whole staff was so friendly and helpful. I will be coming back.”

Dr. Neil Russel – Soundview “I had a list of small parts I wanted to hit, and I was very pleased to get through them all with team. Additionally I had many questions on the business of US. Eric and the whole team were very generous with their time and answered all my queries. The speakers consistently demonstrated knowledge yes, but also practical application. The cost of the lab and trio were extremely valuable for me personally, not just the US training, but the business of US education that is available as a massive added bonus! The instructors were very skilled and knowledgable, but also and most importantly friendly! This is head and shoulders the best course I have been on. The practical application, course material/IT, professionalism and the team’s friendliness/openness is simply the best CE I have experienced. This was an overwhelmingly positive experience for me, that I really really enjoyed, so this is a minor (purely constructive) point: I feel being more formal regarding the time allotment btwn students at each station, and also the overall time at each station would be beneficial. I feel otherwise there can be a disparity in scan time between students. An exceptionally knowledgeable, practical, open and kind, team of professionals, that are dedicated to helping you improve your ultrasound skills, internal medicine and anatomical knowledge. The food and wine are pretty good too! Great experience, keep up the good work. Thank you!”

Dr. Cheryl Goeldner – Central Veterinary Hospital “There was an abundance of very helpful & practical information given in the lecture ! I had an amazing experience with the ultrasound lab & our instructors were patient and thorough with us beginners. I felt I had appropriate time to learn as well. there was honest answers on the material which I appreciate! I loved having different extremely knowledgeable people from around the globe teach us. Great, amazing education and value for the fees. I’m leaving with enthusiasm to go and scan and keep learning. And one day to learn advanced skills. Wonderful group of people! This is a family here with world class knowledge and experience who are very willing educators as well! Awesome weekend! Leaving enthusiastic!

Dr. Elizabeth Fowler – County Line Veterinary Clinic “I feel I am taking home skills and I can put into practice immediately and have the support to help me when I get home and feel I have lost everything I learned. I look forward to coming back.”

Sara Vogler – Easthaven Animal Hospital “This is going to revolutionize how we do ultrasound at our practice. This is great! Patient instructors. Great lectures. Time to have questions answered.”

Dr. Ashley McCaughan – Marina Village Veterinary “Amazing! Above and beyond expectations!! Absolutely- Eric kept it simple and direct, he helped me to get the views I needed on SDEP protocol and explained quickly how to fix my errors and point out structures of internet on the screen. Excellent bravo! I loved the amount of scanning time received at the lecture. I enjoyed reviewing the course material in advance of the course.”


SDEP® Echo Hands-On Lab | October 2022


Dr. Alicia Griffin MS – Northside Vet Clinic “the speakers were very knowledgable. I feel they were able to explain the steps of imaging very well. The lectures were very helpful for image optimization. The case studies were very good and as a general practitioner this is very helpful in putting it all together to help my patients which is something I was really look for.”

Dr. Stephanie Cory – Orchard Veterinary Care “I did other abdominal courses before SonoPath and after doing the SonoPath abdomen, it was clear to me I needed to do the SonoPath echo.”

Dr. Minjeong Gwon – Harmony Animal Hospital “Inspired by great speakers and high quality food.”

Danielle Jaspar Technician, RVT – Orchard Veterinary Care “There is a lot of information packed into these 3 days. And you take home so much knowledge after. And knowing there is support after the course is great”

Dr. Eileen Jenkins MS, DACVIM-SAIM – HVSE “Love the efficiency and the standard protocol. Speakers were knowledgable, every one. From Jess to Kara to Eric and Peter. Lab staff are awesome – Jen, Crystal, Jess, Diane. I’ve learned so much! Excellent! The support staff are just as great as the instructors. Huge thanks to Stephanie, Kara and Buffie who answered a billion questions from me. Food and adult beverages are great. You guys set a whole new standard for CE!”

Kevin Kicker – Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic “The first day it was a bit overwhelming but after a beer and some socializing the education center starts to feel like home. There is a culture of fellowship that comes through. Flying for CE is always overwhelming but the culture of the facility on top of the level of instruction over 3 days made this trip worth while. The lab instructors were patient and generous with their instruction. So helpful and informative.”

Dr. Sarah Hamm – 280 Animal Medical Center “I feel comfortable with being able to start practicing echos at my practice. I like having the support via telemedicine to improve as well”

Dr. Sarah Robbins, MS – Cornell University “Great- will recommend to my ECC residents and will likely take the abdomen course as well. 100% worth it. Great lectures and lab – I know a ton of work goes into putting these events on and I appreciate how well thought out the whole event was.

Dr. Elyse Hauer, BSc – Mariposa Veterinary Hospital “Great! We’ll organized, lots of scanning time, concise and clear communication and instruction.”

Dr. Kristian Sorbo – Mill Brook Animal Clinic “This is the most career shaping CE I take.”