Do you have a case you are scratching your head about? Know there’s something more that you may be missing? SonoPath offers an internal medicine constultation service for an additional cost.**

One of the world’s top internists & SonoPath associate Dr. Remo Lobetti  BVSc, MMedVet, PhD, DECVIM can evaluate your case through sonoPath. Just upload your ultrasound rad or CT reports, clin path, history, radiographs, or whatever other info you have and let Dr. Lobetti sift through and find the direction.

Ready to submit your case?

Go to to our CREATE CASE UPLOAD page.

Select Internal Med. Consult from the “Interpretation Type” drop down menu.

Select either “initial consult” or “re-check consult” from the “Internal Med. Consult Type” drop down menu.

Select “Dr. Remo Lobetti BVSc, MMedVet, PhD, DECVIM” from the “Internal Med. Consult Specialist” drop down menu.

Select “Routine – 24 Hour Turn-Around M-F” from the “Request Type” drop down menu.

Complete the internal med. consult submission SPA form including any and all pertinent details.

Drag and drop all documents and diagnostic reports for the oncologist into the “drag files here” box.

Note the total number of files.

Start upload, upon completion click on “I’m not a robot. Then hit “Save”.

**Regarding cost for this service or any other information on our SonoPath services, please reach out to our team at: [email protected].