Discover the SonoPath NinjaSP!

The most reliable and consistent imaging machine for in house and mobile scanning in our extensive experience as veterinarians, clinical sonographers and telemedicine specialists.

Superior Quality imaging Ultrasound system with built-in clinical support provided by Veterinarians and Clinical Sonographers.

The SonoPath NinjaSP was produced exclusively for SonoPath by Mindray, by enhancing the SonoPath Elite 8 platform which is no longer available in veterinary medicine.

  • More advanced software on a Windows 10 platform
  • Full cardiac package standard on every unit—Just add the cardiac probe(s) when you are ready. No additional hidden cardio package fees.
  • Standard options include: tissue Doppler imaging, Iscape View, elastography, iWorks, Ineedle
  • Compatible with the 6LE5Vs transrectal probe for large animal work

These upgrades greatly enhance your diagnostic capabilities and secure product investment protection by ensuring that your SonoPath NinjaSP will remain at the cutting-edge of imaging excellence throughout its entire life cycle.

Enjoy a quick, easy-to-use workflow, and ALL of the practical features that can grow with you, rather than limit you.

Available only by SonoPath, the exclusive veterinary distributor of the SonoPath NinjaSP in North America.

SonoPath is continually raising the bar in clinical sonography

The SonoPath NinjaSP Ultrasound Machine has the best technical support in the business. Our support technicians scan clinically every day with the machine you are purchasing with SonoPath. So we are there clinically in the veterinary foxhole with you.

MindraySpecs veterinary ultrasound


Proprietary small animal pre-sets installed, field-tested, and optimized by a specialist.

Personalized onboarding and unlimited support from expert-level clinical sonographers

A Comprehensive 3-Day HANDS-ON TRAINING (22 RACE approved CE credits)
VIRTUAL ONLINE COURSES (RACE approved CE credits with each course)

Great imaging paired with THE BEST service, support, and education in the industry.