SDEP® Training Courses

Sono Path offer 3 style courses, teaching the the Sonographic Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol (SDEP)®:

  • Hands-On Weekends
  • LIVE Virtual Weekends
  • Online Courses
See what it’s all about!

Hands-On Weekends

SonoPath offers 3-day hands-on labs personalized for each attendee to match each person with the right instructor based on their skill set and goals. This approach allows intermediate and advanced attendees to push the pace, while beginners can slow it down to absorb the fundamentals. Hands-On weekends offered are for SDEP® Abdomen, SDEP® Echo and at the end the year The SDEP® Everything + Ortho lab weekend.

LIVE Virtual Weekends

SonoPath offers a 3-day LIVE virtual lab and all levels of scanners are invited to join. The virtual attendees will have their own dedicated instructor and virtual assistants ready to answer any questions, while you are scanning along from the comfort of your own facility. Virtual attendees will see the lectures in real time along with in-person attendees, at the Andover, NJ Education Facility. We provide the instructor a list of the virtual attendee’s and their skill set and goals (information provided through a pre-event survey), so that the instructor can pace the wet lab/scanning session appropriately.

Online Courses

Courses are divided into stand-alone modules, designed to deliver more manageable, ‘bite-size’ pieces of information.

You’ll have unlimited access (as in forever!) – making it easy to come back for quick refreshers and as a personal resource library.

These courses are a valuable supplement to our hands-on training, and can also be leveraged as a substitute when hands-on training is not possible.