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SPA Uploader FAQs


Email-only report: Informal quick summary of what is going on with the case – the “nuts and bolts”.  Can be sent via voice memo or written email. Just gives a direction on the case and where you need to go with it.  For example - "lymphoma, multi centric. may be involving the spleen and liver. recommend FNA of lymph node, spleen and liver.

QC evaluation:  Brief instructional/educational voice memo or written email with no diagnostics.  Designed for a quick refinement of technique when you are just missing a few details. For example – “kidneys are vertical, bring the tail of the probe cranial or go intercostal to flatten; you are missing complete adrenals because you are approaching them obliquely; refer to our "No Adrenal Left Behind" educational campaign for adrenal approaches.

Sonopodcast: 10-12 minute in-depth video of one of your scans with voiceover; detailed technique evaluation and recommendations. Critique designed to give specific direction on improving scanning technique for those who are missing essential views completely or who need assistance in multiple areas of their scanning. May be requested with or without a written diagnostic report. Good to do once monthly to ensure maintenance of and improvements to skills.

*Please email with any questions you may have regarding your case submittal. This email is monitored 7 days a week, but intermittently after hours. We will respond to you ASAP.

** We will do our best to accommodate your specific specialist request, but if the selected specialist is not available, we will forward it to the next available specialist.