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Ultrasound Quick Starts and "Sneaker Sending" - How to Move your Media.

GE LOGIQ e Quick Start: Click here to download

MyLabAlpha Reports: Click here to download

MyLab Alpha Quick Starts: Click here to download

Is your Logiq e piling on excessive file size? GE hasn't resolved this issue, but here is a configuration that works for dicom with normal file size from 100-200 mb. Try sending in Dicom with these settings from our good friend Andi Parkinson of Intrapet Imaging out of Baltimore, Maryland. To access the button setting screen click on the "utility" key on your Logic e keyboard, then with your cursor select "connectivity", then "button" then set the buttons, as shown below.




Cine 3

P3 all. Stills and clips. P3 stills every time, only p1 clips if you are in a rush or doing a cardiac scan. Then go back and p3 all clips after measurements etc. Ensure video clips are set at 3 seconds then you have 3 seconds to capture the most pathology in a video…

1-one thousand.. 2-one thousand.. 3-one thousand...P3.

Setting up and Sending cases in Dicom with the Logiq E Ultrasound Machine:

*Watch the instructional video on our You Tube channel "SonoPathVideos"


Sonopath Submission Procedure Alpha/Gamma

    •    Complete Study

    •    Select End Exam

    •    Place memory stick into USB drive

    •    Select 3 areas to save study:
    1.    Local Archive (saves to machine)
    2.    Under DICOM area, select USB (puts onto stick for submission)
    3.    Under DICOM area, select Cornerstone (saves to C-Stone record)

    •    Select OK

    •    Once download is complete, check stick to confirm download.
    Plug into Desktop/Laptop and make sure images are present

    •    Submit Case (do at clinic or at home)

    1.    At clinic:
    a.    Download images on dental laptop to Misc. Documents folder on server
    b.    Go to work station (hard wired to internet), Log on to, Select Upload Case
    c.    Click and Drag Image File into appropriate area on upload
    d.    Click upload images
    e.    While uploading, complete submission information
    f.    Once images uploaded, click send
    2.    At home:
    a.    Log on to, Select Upload Case
    b.    Plug in memory stick
    c.    Click and drag image file into appropriate area on upload
    d.    Click upload images
    e.    While uploading, complete submission information
    f.    Once images uploaded, click send

    •    Erase images and DICOM file from stick to prep for use for next case.

How to capture the last structures you scanned on the Alpha:

  • During your scan hit the "freeze" button
  • On your touch screen, tap the "play" button. This will play the cine loop...up to the last 60-90 seconds.
  • Hit the "acquire button" (near the freeze button) to record this loop


Are You Having Trouble Sending Images Across The Vast Universe Of The Internet?

We recommend downloading Handbrake: The open source video transcoder.

It's free and a great tool for converting almost any format to suit your needs.