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Ultrasound Machine Archiving and Image Settings.

How do you transfer your images off the Logiq E for permanent storage?

What is the process to archive images? 

  1. Do you want to ever publish anything or contribute to publishing? If so you will need stills in tiff which must come from dicom to get 300 dpi quality. Therefore you save in dicom. Or you just work from dicom and use a dicom server. Osirix for Mac is what we use here at as it's the best and free (if you have fairly low volume). It costs about $400 year for the license if you need 64 bit. You have to own a Mac for this but I would argue if you are doing imaging once you go Mac you will never go back because it saves tons of time over a day, month, and year. From dicom you have all the flexibility to save anything in any format for use on any computer from osirix. Go to
  2. If you want to archive in jpeg avi or other non-dicom format using the quicksave, then you can just save to your Mac or PC. Better yet just get a $70 1 TB Western Digital external hard drive and reformat it. The Logiq E will read it like a thumb drive but you have to remove the software on the ext hd which is easy. If on a mac, plug the ext drive in and use disc utility and erase it all. This is the most economical way to back up. and you can plug in the ext drive to your logic e and view the case form there and work wiht it as if it were in your logic e hard drive.
  3. You can cloud it with any of the companies, cuattro for example, and thats nice because you can pull it down form anywhere if you travel but sounds a bit space age for your current needs but can always go there later.

Dr.Lindquist saves in both quicksave (jpeg/avi) and in dicom which is clunky but he has staff that sends this to him as needed but the volume is huge. He is looking into cloud storage because of the volume but that can add up quickly on costs but he needs all his extensive caseloads in one place at all times and accessible no matter where he is across the globe.

Watch Dr. Lindquist's instructional video on setting up and sending in Dicom with the Logiq E here on SonoPathvideos.
BTW if you ever need to change the avi video to mp4 or other format we love the movavi converter as it has the codecs in the GE system that other converters can't deal with and you can convert anything. (
More suggestions from Dr. Lindquist that may help:

If you go to apple or verizon or ATT they are all competing the in cloud wars and may be able to help you customize something but if your volume is small then I would do number 2 because the cloud adds up in costs like your phone bill when calling home on a european trip:) If you want to stay in the veterinary field and someone that knows dicom and US and DR then would be the place to go as they have a nice cloud system that I have accessed time to time. My mentor (McGyver Mark Skeels DVM DABVP) built the thing. I think sound is going there but I dont have any experience with their system other than the antech imaging and the darkhorse system but you can check with them as well.

Re image settings:  I don't use complex presets any more and now use the stock ones with minor tweaks. Most people I know that have high caseloads now do the same after years of fiddling and losing time trying to get the perfect image every time. It just doesn’t happen you want solid images every time and some animals will give you rock star images and other wont at all and you can tweak on those but not on the general preset itself. I use Uro 5 for abdomen and change the depth and gain a touch for small, med and large. Same deal for cardiac adult and pediatric for large and small depending on the probe i use and then adjust the sweep speed and baseline, prf, to jump the steps in my workflow to be sure I am right in the baseline and prf I know i will need for that MR case or cat heart. So i suggest start form those 4 stock presets and just tweak minor things. The more complex you get with presets the more they wont hold over time or will scan differently patient to patient or put you in preset no man's land which is frustrating. Image adjustments just keep it simple and spend mental time on getting the dx :) - Dr. Eric Lindquist

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Adjusting the MyLab™Alpha

Just like the GE Logiq E, the MyLab Alpha is a great ultrasound machine, although the image save functions are different.

   -to extend or shorten the video cliptime:
1) Start an examination.
2) Touch the icon "ADV" on the touch screen (the bigger one in the middle
    next to the icon "grayscale").
3) In the right corner the icon "cliplength" appears with which you can
    change the time from one second to unlimited.
4) Back to the main menu on the touch screen by pressing the icon "basic"
    (which is now on the same place as the icon "ADV" before.

   -to save clips before you pushed the save button:
1) Be aware of the cliptime that you set as described above
2) Freeze the image
3) Touch the icon "play" in the left corner of the touch screen.
4) Touch the button "acquire" (above the button clip/image). The clip from
    the past will be saved.

For more instructions on image saving with the Alpha watch this video on our You Tube channel: SonoPathvideos.