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What Do We Use to Protect Our Ultrasound Transducers?

Hott Doggers! These work great for mobile sonographers as well as in-house protection of those precious transducers. For smaller probes such as the 8c and cardiac probes you probably want to pick these up in the small size. If you have a full set of probes including the larger 12L linear probe for the Logiq e, you probably want to get the medium size. Don't damage that footprint! Protect it with Hott Doggers. 

Hott Doggers are made by the Muttluks company.


Damaged transducer footprint?

One to many off-target FNA attempts? :) We've all done it, but never fear there are companies that can resurface that damaged footprint for you.

MED Pro Imaging Labs
This company offers probe service and resurfacing; this is an alternative to the major U/S companies and purchasing new probes especially if the footprint is the only damage to the probe. **Note: This is not a sponsoring company and SonoPath receives no gratuity nor payment for having this reference on the site.