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SonoPath - Educational Telemedicine™: A Sample of one of our "SonoPodcasts"

We can always learn something from one another. Below is a collection of instructional telemedicine videos of ultrasounds from a variety of clinics cases sent in for telemedicine consultation by Dr. Lindquist where specific needs were addressed in the learning curve of clinical sonography.

We interpret, diagnose, support, and instruct… its not just a telemed read… its the SonoPath culture of diagnostic efficiency.

For more info regarding telemedicine consultations regarding ultrasound, radiographs, CT, MRI with with Dr. Lindquist (Ultrasound/Cardiology) or Radiologist Dr.Nele Ondreka, Cardiologists Dr. Keith Blass (Ultrasound, EKG) & Dr. Peter Modler (Ultrasound, EKG), or internist interpretation with Dr. Lobetti (Ultrasound), email us at for more information.

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