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More Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Dr. Eric Lindquist built as a support mechanism and research organization for those utilizing ultrasound in clinical veterinary practice whether they actually do the sonography themselves, in-source or even outsource the sonogram procedure. At SonoPath, we are not a radiology company but simply a group of veterinary clinicians that utilize ultrasound and other modalities as the integral part of the clinical workup. We are a network of over 50 research collaborators that span in credentials from veterinary specialists, general practitioners, veterinary technicians, researchers, RDMS sonographers, veterinary clients and support staff all of which are dedicated toward enhancing diagnostic efficiency in veterinary medicine.

Canadian Veterinary Imaging- Dedicated to quality education, equipment and services to veterinarians in Canada. More

The Academy of Veterinary Imaging- The nationwide Sound Seminar Series offers hands-on graduated course content for true basic, intermediate and advanced level education progression. Each level of training is designed to fit with the next, for optimal review without unnecessary repetition. Arlington, Texas. More

Studying for boards or AVBP? This Zuku review is Lindquist approved! An awesome resource and a fun way to review even if you aren't taking the test.


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