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SonoPath's Continuing Education Programs- Earn Your CE Credits now provides Race approved programs to earn CE credits.

Enjoy this FREE download and see what our programs are like.

Ever wonder why ultrasound is used so vastly by certain people in their diagnostic workflow? Listen to the secrets of the sonographic underground in the spirit of diagnostic efficiency in veterinary medicine. See how to get to the answer as fast as diagnostically possible with the use of clinical sonography described by Dr. Eric Lindquist. Dr. Lindquist, with over 50,000 cases into his 15 year career as a clinical sonographer, shows you how to get around a patient with a probe and what diagnostic reasoning is employed in the process in this free download offered by


Some of our RACE approved downloadable CE programs are listed below:

Diagnosis and Management of Proteinuria

Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

SDEP Echo Progression

SDEP 17 pt. Abdomen

SDEP Echo and 17 pt. Abdomen Package

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