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Instructional Library: Interventional Procedures - SonoPodcasts

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  • Interventional Procedures - The ADAIN procedure, Traumatic catheterization, Intraoperative ultrasound, Ultrasound biopsy, Bubble study, UGELAB for TCC, Ultrasound guided drainage, Ultrasound guided pericardiocentesis, Lindquist compression technique for thoracic FNA, Costo-chondral bone marrow aspiration.
  • SonoPodcasts - One of the best ways to see other's issues while scanning and Dr. Lindquist's solutions to improving technique. If you have never seen our SonoPodcasts we encourage you to watch them all. :)
  • A Sample of our Normals DVD- If you are wondering about the content of our CDs and Normals DVD here is a short video of the basic format of our Normals DVD. Learn what the normal organs look like so you can determine when you happen upon an abnormal presentation. You can pick up the CD/DVD trilogy on our products page and increase your scanning mojo. :)
  • Gallbladder Motility Study - This is a basis of a study we are doing but from a practical standpoint demonstrates if the GB is working at all. If no movement from cholecystokinin stimulated postprandially, then the GB is dysfunctional and suggests need for removal.