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Leave it to an Intelligent and Resourceful Woman to Combine Probes and Curling Irons!

You have invested a good deal of money in your ultrasound machine but as equipment goes most units are pretty sturdy workhorses. Keeping it in a dedicated and dust/gel/coffee free area is most of the general maintenance that is needed. But what about those probes? Those brand new probes freshly shipped to your clinic, packed in glistening plastic, and a great deal of foam padding. It can be a little scary to even take them out of the box, just ask a technician who has been told their dollar amount value. There are a multitude of different ways to store probes, from simple probe head covers to fully padded hard-sided cases. Our colleague Dr. Andi Parkinson RDMS of Baltimore Intrapet Imaging in Maryland ( came up with the great idea to use a curling iron carrying case for her ultrasound probes. 

These curling iron covers can easily be found on For a nice SonoPath colored blue one, or other color selections click the link.