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Uterine Lymphoma in a 1-year-old FS Border Collie: Our April Case Of the Month 2016

Patient Information

1 Year
Female, Spayed


Uterine lymphoma

Straining to defecate and pelvic mass in a 1-year-old FS Border Collie??? What does this? We pulled this zebra diagnosis out of our sonographic hats for the April's Case Of the Month. Always something interesting when you put a probe on it. :)


The patient was presented for straining to defecate x 5 days, a poor appetite, recent vomiting, and possible hematuria. During physical exam a recal stricture was palpated. Blood was noted in the vulva. The patient was treated with Baytril, Cerenia, and IV fluids pending sonographic evaluation.

Image Interpretation

A pelvic mass was noted in this patient and largely vascular measuring 4.3 x 6.0 cm. Periosteal pelvic reactivity was noted. A cystic component was also noted with this mass. This is strongly suggestive for sarcoma or similar.

Sonographic Differential Diagnosis

Uterine stump base mass invading into the pelvic inlet.


Uterine lymphoma.


Ultrasound-guided FNA was recommended to assess for potential chemo responsiveness. There was no obvious evidence of metastatic disease. Three view chest radiographs and ideally CT of the pelvis would be indicated. A guarded prognosis was given. The patient underwent surgery for resection of the mass and went for an oncology consultation for possible chemotherapy options.


A special thanks to Andi Parkinson, RDMS of IntraPet Imaging for scanning this case and providing great images. This case was managed by Dr. Rob Weeren of Chesapeake Veterinary Specialists.