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Open Pyometra in a 1-Year-Old Intact Female Fancy Rat: Our Case Of the Month March 2021

Patient Information

1 Year
Female, Intact



Urinary bladder.
Descending colon deviation.
Left uterine horn.
Left ovary.
Left adrenal gland.
Right uterine horn.
Right ovary.
Right adrenal gland.

Rattus norvegicus domestica. Think your patients are small? Micro-maneuvers were applied for this ultrasound of a rather fancy rat with a possible reproductive problem. She weighed in at a whopping 409 grams. :) Thank you to Jeanine French, SDEP® certified clinical sonographer for SonoPath Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound for this diagnostic image set from a tiny patient, Eric Lindquist, DMV, DABVP, Cert. IVUSS for the detailed interpretation, and Dr. Todd Wolf, DVM, ABVP of Companion Animal Hospital for the management of this case.


A 1-year-old intact female fancy rat was presented for vaginal discharge and concern for a possible abdominal or reproductive mass.

Image Interpretation

The uterus was mildly thickened at 0.5 cm. The lumen was empty. The left uterine horn was slightly dilated and measured 0.5 x 0.3 cm. The right uterine horn was empty. There was no overt evidence of pathology in the region of the ovaries.


Dilated left uterine horn, thickened uterine base, partially open pyometra is suspected.


Ovariohysterectomy is recommended given the patient’s history. Otherwise, medical treatment for metritis could be considered with a recheck sonogram in a week. The plan was to go ahead with surgery, but after treatment with antibiotic injections the patient immediately improved and surgery was cancelled. The patient is doing very well.


Urinary bladder - upper left corner, thickened uterus - center, and descending colon deviation below.
Left ovary - upper left, left uterine horn - center.