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Fishing for a grass awn in a fistula in a 13-year-old MN Golden retriever.

A 13-year-old MN Golden retriever was presented for a fistula on his left hip; suspect for foreign body. Ultrasound findings were as follows: The ultrasound revealed a 0.58 cm long hyperechoic structure embedded within the deep fascia and measured approximately 1.0 cm from the skin. Ultrasound-guided incision was performed with forcep retrieval for removal of the main structure noted. Minor, hyperechoic residual structure was noted within the fistula created. General Assessment, Diagnosis, & Therapeutic Recommendations: Suggestion for surgical intervention with lavage and drain placement recommended. Foreign body was retrieved in near completion.

Fistula caused by grass awn.  Grass awn retrieved.

Grass awn as seen on ultrasound.

Retrieval of grass awn with the assistance of ultrasound.

Credit for this captivating case goes out to Dr. Eric Glaze, DVM & staff at Albany Animal Hospital for the management of this patient and to Loetitia Saint-Jacques, RVT, Tomie Timon, RVT and Dr. Eric Lindquist, DMV, Cert. IVUSS of Animal Sounds Northwest.