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"Working Through Ascites By The Probe" Downloadable (1 credit) CE program

Price: $39.00
Ascites by the probe download: Vet or Tech CE credit 1.0

1.0 CE credit: Vet or Tech

Ascites by the probe download

With this program "Working Through Ascites By The Probe" you will learn about the global abdominal anatomy in the midst of effusions from the sonographic perspective. Changes to the normal abdominal anatomy when effusions are present in midst of pathological processes will be demonstrated along with the degrees of change and how they correlate to certain pathologies. Hemoabdomen, transudate, modified transudate and exudative processes will be discussed from the sonographic and medical perspectives. A deductive process form the sonographic and medical perspective regarding the cause for effusion formation will be explained and demonstrated with various case presentations. Sampling pathological organs causing effusions by FNA and drainage procedures from an ultrasound guided process will be explained.

*Once you purchase the program, you will be provided a link to the video CE presentation and also the post-test questions. Answers can then be submitted to Once your post-test is reviewed, we will send the corrected test back to you along with your CE certificate.

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