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Small Animal Sonographic Pathology Top 60 Presentations CD

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Small Animal Sonographic Pathology Top 60 Presentations CD
85 normal reference sonographic images and 60 pathological presentations in dogs and cats divided by species, organ systems, signalment, radiology description, and definitive diagnosis., dedicated toward the enhancement of diagnostic efficiency in veterinary medicine, was founded in 2007 by Eric Lindquist, DVM, DABVP to provide a source of sonographic pathology information accessible to veterinarians of all levels of canine, feline, and exotic medicine. Dr. Lindquist has been immersed in a unique environment of sonographic pathology and internal medicine cases as a mobile veterinary sonographer since February of 2001 in New Jersey, after serving 4 years as a general practitioner and surgeon. Dr. Lindquist collaborates with a network of specialists worldwide, through, that are well engrained in the “sonographic underground” that we experience as clinical sonographers in small animal medicine on a daily basis. One of these key colleagues is Lee Yanik DVM, DACVR of Dr. Yanik brings the radiologist perspective to the sonographic presentations in this, and other Sonopath projects, with his articulate descriptions and key terminology to describe the sonographic presentation at hand. Definitive diagnoses are also provided to further refine the process and test the differential diagnoses of the user.

This first effort in the product line for, Sonopath’s Small Animal Sonographic Pathology Top 60 Presentations, was created as an overview of individual presentations of pathology that a clinical sonographer should expect to see regularly in practice. This work serves as a primer for many more efforts to come as we proceed to explore the sonographic underworld of expected, and not so predictable pathologies that affect our patients on a daily basis. The soon to be released Atlas of Veterinary Sonographic Pathology; Canine/Feline/Ferrets CD will then provide a more complete array of presentations with greater selection of organ systems, variants in common pathologies, somewhat rare presentations, thoracic pathology, and ferret sonographic pathology.

Image examples from the Top 60 CD:

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Also available: Atlas of Veterinary Sonographic Pathology CD

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For bulk purchase rates of these products please contact us.