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Clinical Approach to Veterinary Sonographic Pathology: Small Animal and Exotics *In Editing*

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Clinical Approach to Veterinary Sonographic Pathology: Small Animal and Exotics

This new approach to clinical small animal sonography is a historical report of hundreds of internal medicine cases in which the sonogram represents the diagnostic peak of the workup.

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This text is essential for the clinician who utilizes ultrasound in practice, as well as for the veterinary sonographer whose hand is on the probe. Succinct narration follows each case from the moment the patient walks into the clinic to the final resolution of the case.

This project was founded by Eric Lindquist, DMV and CEO of This work is structured to help the clinician recognize the tendencies of certain diseases, to demonstrate the exemplary presentations of each type of pathology from a clinical and sonographic perspective, and to reveal the not-so-straightforward presentations and how the respective diagnoses were achieved.

In our day-to-day work, it's easy to stray from what inspired us to become veterinarians in the first place - a driving curiosity, a sense of wonder, a love of learning...

The last thing we need is another text whose ideas and information are presented in a dry, uninspired style, or that simply reiterates accepted ideas we've read many times over. Therefore, we aim to take you for a cool ride - a pleasurable read - one that stimulates the veterinary curiosity that initially drew you to the field. The text and images in this book present historical facts from the road life of a veterinary sonographer and reflect the "art of veterinary medicine" and its overwhelming reality of positive and negative outcomes.

The sonographic description and sonographic differential diagnoses of each case have been provided by Lee Yanik, DVM, Dipl. ACVR, Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services in Seattle, WA. The clinical description and differential diagnoses have been provided by general text coauthor Johanna Frank, DVM, DVSc., Dipl. ACVIM (Internal Medicine), Mobile Sonographer and Medical Consultant in Furlong, PA.

This triad of board and colleges (ABVP, ACVR and ACVIM) brings together the expertise from representatives of each discipline to forge a text with an innovative case-based approach to clinical medicine and sonography, rooted in historical fact. In addition, general practitioners who use sonography in practice have been consulted throughout this project to ensure that the material is provided from a hands-on and practical approach.

All organ systems are addressed except for primary cardiac pathology. However, there are plenty of noncardiac thoracic presentations for which sonography was able to assist in the diagnosis. The thoracic pathology chapter will demonstrate presentations that the probe wasn't traditionally expected to find.

In addition, this practical approach to clinical sonography enforces the ideal of getting to the bottom of the diagnosis in the most rapid and efficient manner possible via the probe and supportive diagnostic work. In regard to this concept, the general text portion of each of the 12 chapters contains a series of sonographic tips and recommendations for probe manipulation and alternative views that usually are not taught in the structured courses found in our field. The object of this is to help the clinician/sonographer and the patient alike to have as tranquil and fruitful imaging sessions as possible.

A section called "Melding the Medicine with the Sonogram" appears in each chapter, providing experience-based guidelines by means of medical and sonographic reasoning to avoid misinterpretation of the case and to stimulate objectivity. All text either references veterinary literature, relates factual events of the cases presented, or offers author suggestions based on previous experience with similar cases.

Highlights from the chapters include "reasoning through the ascites case," "the shunt hunt," "GI obstructive criteria," and many other helpful sections regarding reasoning with veterinary medicine and sonography.

The Archive: The searchable archive is in the works as well. Imagine selecting clinical key words and phrases such as SAP, bilirubin, WBC, K9, and "9 years old" and coming up with 30 cases or so of clinical presentations with representative images and clips fitting that description - from perforating gallbladder mucoceles to posthepatic obstruction due to pancreatitis. With the coming completion of our searchable archive, thousands of cases will be presented in similar format to that of the book, taking you from the moment of patient walk-in to clinical outcome. From addisonian adrenals to unexpected pheochromocytomas, perforating intestine to foreign bodies of all shapes and sizes, this collection encompasses nearly every pathology that a sound wave can penetrate.

I hope that our historical collection of work will truly serve as a useful, if not essential, tool in the small-animal and exotic veterinary field. Tell us what you think by clicking on the "contact us" tab. We look forward to your input so we can improve our ability to deliver what you need to make the veterinary field continue to be a thrilling and rewarding ride. Sincerely,

Eric C. Lindquist BS, DMV, Dip. ABVP
Founder of

Please see the sample case studies on the Case Studies page for examples of book format and presentation.

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