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Clinical Approach To Sonographic Pathology: Pancreas Downloadable (1 credit CE) Program

Price: $39.00
Clinical Approach To Sonographic Pathology: Pancreas

Clinical Approach To Sonographic Pathology: Pancreas 1.0 CE credit

Clinical Approach To Sonographic Pathology: Pancreas

Learn about the basic pancreatic gross anatomy and how it relates to the adjacent organ systems in position and function from the sonographic perspective. Internal infrastructure regarding the pancreatic parenchyma duct and pancreatoduodenal vasculature demonstrated from the sonographic perspective. Changes to this structure in midst of pathological processes will be demonstrated along with the degrees of change and how they correlate to certain pathologies. Pancreatitis in dogs and cats will be discussed form the sonographic and medical testing perspective along with expectations regarding sensitivities and specificities with current serum testing (amylase, lipase, PLI). Degenerative pathologies such as fibrosis, amyloid deposition, and nodular hyperplasia will be demonstrated and compared to neoplastic patterns. Sampling the pancreas from an ultrasound-guided process will be explained. Medical and surgical approaches to pathologies will also be discussed.

  • Radiographic diagnosis of pancreatitis
  • Pancreatitis as a sectorial disease
  • Pancreatic disease and clinical sign correlations in dogs and cats
  • Anatomy of the pancreas
  • Sonographic structure
  • Normal vs age related changes
  • Pancreatic disease and concurrent disease of other organs
  • Serum testing for pancreatic disease, sensitivities and specificities
  • Peritonitis & pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic abscesses, necrosis, and US-guided drainage and sampling
  • Degenerative changes, cysts and hyperplasia
  • Medical and sonographic monitoring of pancreatitis
  • Insulinoma
  • Case studies

1.0 RACE approved CE credit for vet or tech.

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