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SDEP Echo and 17 pt. Abdomen Download Combo

Price: $129.00
SDEP Echo and 17 pt. Abdomen Download Combo. Vet or Tech CE credits 2.0*

2.0 CE credit: Vet or Tech SDEP Echo and 17 pt. Abdomen Download Combo.  *A BONUS download is included!

SDEP Echo Progression and SDEP 17 pt. Abdomen Progression download combo. Learn to perform both a complete abdominal exam and echo from start to finish while implementing the SDEP (SonoPath's Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol) scanning techniques with these downloadable presentations. CE credits 2.0*

*Once you purchase the program, you will be provided a link to the video CE presentation and also the post-test questions. Answers can then be submitted to Once your post-test is reviewed, we will send the corrected test back to you along with your CE certificate.

* A BONUS download is included with this program to accompany the SDEP Echo progression program! "Aortic outflow velocity in felines" A short "how to" demonstration on getting the aortic outflow velocity in cats. :)

** respectfully asks that you do not share, sell, or otherwise copy or distribute any portion (including audio, text, or images/videos) of this downloadable material. Many thanks for your cooperation.