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Program #2: Application of Color Doppler Imaging Download: (1 CE credit)

Price: $39.00
Program #2: Application of Color Doppler Imag.Download: Vet/Tech CE credit 1.0

1.0 CE credit: Vet or Tech

Program #2: Application of Color Doppler Imaging Download

This cardiac presentation by Dr. Peter Modler accompanies part #1 of the Doppler program and will further cover examination using color doppler application to assess flow across specific regions, recognition of normal flow, detection of abnormal flow, quantitation of blood flow, and different imaging planes including non-standard views.

*Once you purchase the program, you will be provided a link to the video CE presentation and also the post-test questions. Answers can then be submitted to Once your post-test is reviewed, we will send the corrected test back to you along with your CE certificate.

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