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Abdominal mass

A 10-year-old male neutered FIV (+) DSH cat was presented for a mass palpated in the cranial abdomen. Weight loss of >2lbs. but acting normally otherwise. Physical exam found the patient with a BCS of 4/5 and a large spherical mass palpable in cranial abdomen. Radiographs showed a mass effect caudal to stomach with the intestines displaced caudally.

The patient was presented on emergency from his RDVM. Thoracic radiographs were unremarkable. 2-view abdominal radiographs showed a cranial abdominal mass. CBC: HCT 32%, Anemia, elevated WBC 29.58, Mono 59, Neut 22.44, PCV/TP 36%/8.2 upon presentation. A double cavity ultrasound was performed.