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A 1-year-old, intact female Labrador Retriever/Great Dane mixed breed was presented for intermittent vomiting. Physical exam found the patient to be thin with pale mucous membranes, and missing left foreleg. The patient was treated with Cerenia after owner deferred diagnostics; while on Cerenia no vomiting was reported. Abdominal ultrasound was performed 12 days after initial visit.

A 3-year-old, 60 lb, MN, Labrador Retriever mixed breed canine was presented with a history of possible dietary indiscretion while on a hike with his owner 48 hrs prior. The patient was ADR and had been intermittently vomiting for 24 hrs. Upon physical examination the patient exhibited pain in the caudal abdomen and an abnormal structure could be felt on palpation. Radiographs showed an irregular, semi-circular area in the caudal abdomen. The patient was hospitalized on I.V. fluids and supportive care pending ultrasound.

The patient was presented for evaluation due to severe vomiting. The vomiting stopped but the patient was now anorexic. The patient was quiet with a thin body condition. CBC found a low WBC of 3.7. Blood chemistry found albumin 3.7, total protein 7.0, ALKP 43, BUN 43, and cholesterol 79.