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Hx of TTA performed on both knees. The patient was presented for a mass seen on the right knee. Owner reported the patient seemed more tired and not motivated for walks; limping on right hind limb. Examination of the right leg found a 15 cm invasive mass at the knee. The patient was placed on NSAIDS and scheduled for further diagnostics. CBC/Chem was WNL. 

An 11.5-year-old, 67.5 lb, MN, Shar Pei mixed breed dog was presented for chronic nasal discharge that was unresponsive to doxycycline and getting slowly worse. He started having mild congestion 3 months prior. He had enlarged submandibular lymph nodes then, which have since resolved. Hx of chronic conjunctival chemosis and elevated third eyelids. Medications: None. Radiograph Findings:  Mass effect in left side cranial thorax. CBC/chem/T4/UA were unremarkable.

A 7-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) was presented for a history of persistent weight loss. The only abnormality on physical examination was a thin body condition. CBC and blood chemistry showed monocytosis, elevated creatinine, hypercalcemia, and mild hyperamylasemia. Survey thoracic radiographs showed a 4cm diameter spherical soft tissue opacity mass arising at the ventral tip of the lung to the right of the cardiac apex within the right middle lung lobe. There was also a 14cm x 6cm x 8cm mass infiltrating the ventral portion of the caudal subsegment of the left cranial lung lobe. No pleural effusion was seen.