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2019 SonoPath SDEP™ Veterinary Ultrasound Training, Education/CE Events


Ultrasound Training CE Events 2019


February 15-17 SDEP™ ABDOMEN

March 16 & 17 SDEP™ Mini ECHO


September 13-15 SDEP™ ABDOMEN: Featured speaker Eric Lindquist, DMV, DABVP, Cert. IVUSS

October 18-20 SDEP™ Full ECHO: Featured speakers Peter Modler DVM, Dipl.-Tzt. and Eric Lindquist, DMV, DABVP, Cert. IVUSS

December 6-8 ORTHO, Small Parts, & Everything Else: Featured speakers Dr. Sebastian Jawinski Diplomate German Board of Radiology, Eric Lindquist, DMV, DABVP, Cert. IVUSS, Dr. Bob Hylands (Image optimization)









*Lab dates and locations subject to change*