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Lifestyle Section

I have started the Lifestyle section on SonoPath as I realized that there is more to life than veterinary medicine, go figure:) Since I tend to bump around a bit and am blessed to know so many wonderful and colorful people in the veterinary world and elsewhere, I decided to start this tab to enhance the veterinary aspects of SonoPath and go address real life issues that circle and involve us.

The first entry is a recipe from my Italian days of vet school rehashed with a good friend and client in New Jersey; "Lindquist's Pipe Dream Spagetti a la carbonara." This is not only a recipe but with a bit of an entertaining story behind it and a tasty white wine to accompany it.

This section will have wine recommendations, best restaurants often in major cities where we go to conferences (many offered by you and your colleagues), more recipes that are simple but elegant, perhaps travel tips and so forth.

Where do I have time for it? Well where do you find time for what you are passionate about? I always believe that everyone should do what "blows their hair back." Veterinary medicine, family, food, wine, family, travel. That's what blows my hair back and likely many of you as well. Take a look and please give me ideas of what to put up here or if you have a rock star recommendation for a restaurant or wine varietal or recipe let me know. I would love to showcase it and you for taking the time to offer it. Think of this section as a virtual "tavolata."

Best regards and buon appetito!
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