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Helpful Veterinary Links



Veterinary Veterinary Links

Google Scholar  -a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

Canine Planar Anatomy - Need help with anatomy? take a look at this site.

Cat Heart Interactive- Cool instructional video guessed it a cat heart. Credits to K.PN. Interactive


Veterinary articles that make you go "Hmmmmm..."

Smoke Signals - If you smoke, your cat may be at risk for developing cancer. Oral and intestinal cancers top this list.

PubMed - Additional Resources

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AAFP-   American Association of Feline Practitioners. Organization dedicated to Feline Health and Wellness. Access vaccine guidelines and senior care including pain management.

AAHA- Canine Vaccine Guidelines, wellness care and pain management guidelines and Website explaining inhalation therapy for asthma and chronic bronchitis. Includes treatment protocols and videos for patient use on inhalation devices. Free on line CE when offered.

Website with information on how to diagnosis and treat Tritrichomonas. Excellent video showing morphological differences between Giardia and Tritrichomonas.

American Heartworm Society-  Free web service for all your canine and feline heartworm questions.
Idexx Learning Center- Free on line CE when offered.

(Iodine Cafe) North West Nuclear Medicine for Animals- A wonderful I 131 center. Lots of good information for practitioners and cat owners regarding radioactive iodine therapy.  OSU Parasitology Teaching Resources.  Free website.– Great dermatology web site (Free website) developed by Dr Hnilica. Check out Top 50 diseases seen by small animal practitioners. Great starting point for developing Practice Sop’s

IVAPM- Great organization and list serve for those practitioners looking to excel at pain management (Fee associated). free on line vet library to registered users.

John Hopkins Department of Molecular and Comparitive Biology Pathology Services- Pathology on biopsy and necropsy specimens are performed as a referral service to veterinary practitioners. Board certified Veterinary Pathologists and veterinarians in the residency and postdoctoral training program review all cases. Veterinary Resources contains lots of web links for veterinarians. This site has not been updated in many years. Education links are outdated but other good resources still applicable. good website that explains changes to canine vaccine guidelines. Feline videos including subcutaneous fluid administration, giving pills, insulin injections (free website) Dedicated to educating veterinarians and the public on the risks of zoonotic transmission of parasites. Excellent for ultrasound and general veterinary medicine. (fee and non-fee associated) Excellent  veterinary ultrasound  website for general practitioners. Sign up for the case of the month. (Free) anesthesia and pain management site including all drugs used in anesthesia and pain management. (Free website) A great veterinary interactive resource for preparing for NAVLE, ABVP, ECVIM, and related specialties. Free website developed by Ohio State to educate veterinarians and cat owners on Idiopathic Cystitis and environmental changes. With a link for how to change cats from dry food to wet. the go to service for every small animal practitioner. (Fee associated)

What To Do With Obese Cats From A Multiple Cat Household? - Check out this website.

Veterinary Technicians  Computer added learning program from University of Pennsylvania  Free education from  blood smears to surgical prep.

CE courses, message boards, etc: OSU Parasitology Teaching Resources.  (Free website)

Feline restraint devices: Website with information on how to diagnosis and treat Tritrichomonas. Excellent video showing morphological differences between Giardia and Tritrichomonas.

National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America:

New Jersey Veterinary Technicians and Assistants:

OSHA training: and

OSHA training and numerous other courses, many of them free:

Learn about parasites from diagnosis to treatment:

Pet Owners AAFP site dedicated to educating the public on Feline health care. This site from Dr Brooks has a wonderful information library for the public information from Chemotherapy to IBD. feline videos including subcutaneous fluid administration, giving pills, insulin injections. Every dog and cat owner should visit this site to be educated on contagious parasites from pets. Free for pet owners. Contains lots of information about veterinary diseases and therapy. Make sure you are familiar with these topics before sending your clients to this website.  Every cat owner should visit this site. education site on why we should advocate spays and neuters.