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2018 SonoPath SDEP Veterinary Ultrasound Education/CE Events


March 9-11, 2018: The 134th NJVMA Annual Meeting: Princeton, New Jersey


April 14-15, 2018: SDEP ECHO mini program: Andover, New Jersey


April 27-29, 2018: SDEP Abdomen 3-day training program: Andover, New Jersey


 August 1-10, 2018: 3 City Brazilian SDEP Labs: São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Brasília, Brazil


Day 1 - Dr. Cibele Figueira Carvalho (Radiologist and Director of NAUS) will lecture in Portuguese on first day. Dr. Carvalho’s lecture will help prepare students for the labs with Dr. Eric Lindquist, DVM, DABVP. She will review the SDEP protocol and some details of small structures scanning technique to get everyone up to speed for Dr. Lindquist's lectures and training.

Day 2 & 3 -Lab days will be in English without translation.



September 7-9, 2018: SDEP Abdomen Andover, NJ


September 14-18, 2018: IVECCS: New Orleans, Louisiana

October 6-10, 2018: IVUSS

October 11-14, 2018: ABVP: Tampa, Florida


October 26-28, 2018: SDEP ECHO 3-day training program: Andover, NJ


November 30-December 2, 2018: SDEP Clean Up Lab 3-day training program

The shunt hunt, orthopedic ultrasound, thyroid parathyroid, need for speed echo abdomen efficiency, enhancing image footprint, business of ultrasound, echo how do i find that view? Maximizing useful echo and abdominal doppler. 2 day lecture 1 day lab. Location TBD.



February 23-25, 2018: SDEP Abdomen 3-day training program: Atlanta, Georgia