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The patient was presented due to panting, urinary accidents, PU/PD, +1 polyphagia, hepatomegaly on radiographs. Urinalysis revealed hematuria, pyuria, and hyposthenuria. U/A: USG 1.002, protein +2, WBCs 4-10, RBCs 11-20, rods 26-50. Blood chemistry results: ALT 283, Alk. Phos. 226.

A 15-year-old MN West Highland White terrier dog was presented for evaluation of polydipsia, polyuria and possible bladder stones noted on radiographs. Abnormalities on CBC and serum biochemistry were thrombocytosis, neutrophilia, and hyperalbuminemia. Urinalysis was not performed owing to financial constraints however an abdominal ultrasound prescription was approved.

A 12-year-old M intact Shih Tzu dog was presented for polydipsia of several months' duration. The serum biochemical profile revealed an elevated urea, increased ALT, increased GGT enzyme activities, hyperphosphatemia, hyperkalemia, hypercholesterolemia, and elevated triglycerides. Thrombocytosis was present on the CBC.