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The patient was presented due to panting, urinary accidents, PU/PD, +1 polyphagia, hepatomegaly on radiographs. Urinalysis revealed hematuria, pyuria, and hyposthenuria. U/A: USG 1.002, protein +2, WBCs 4-10, RBCs 11-20, rods 26-50. Blood chemistry results: ALT 283, Alk. Phos. 226.

A 1.5-year-old, FS, Boxer was presented for an initial puppy wellness visit and a grade 1/6 cardiac murmur was detected; noted PMI (point of maximal impulse) right cranial. A grade 1-2/6 cardiac murmur was detected at several follow-up visits. The patient underwent ovariohysterectomy without event. More recently the patient was presented for further cardiac evaluations. PE found the patient with a heartrate of 140, panting but with no increased respiratory effort, and synchronous pulses. BP: 111/51, 95/53 MAP 67, 119/66 MAP 78. 2 ECG strips were submitted. The first strip (taken under sedation with butorphanol) showed periods of sinus rhythym and periods that appeared to be a high grade second degree AV block (ventricular rate 40-100 bpm). The second strip showed a sinus rhythm (rate 114 bpm) with intermittent single premature ventricular complexes (RBBB morphology) once sedation had worn off and patient was stimulated. 

A 14-year-old, MN, 13.5 lb Maltese was presented for a possible syncopal episode after going upstairs and breathing heavier. The patient was treated with enalapril 2.5 mgs PO SID and scheduled for an echocardiogram. Physical Exam: Grade 4/5 murmur. Radiograph indciated severe cardiomegaly. BP 117/74 Map 90. CBC: Normal. Chemistry: Alk. Phos 1340.

The patient was presented for heavy breathing, panting, excessive throat clearing, weight loss. Altered CBC/Chem/UA values: BW-NSF. Radiograph Findings: chest rads-NSF.