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Clinical Search and Pathology Search

It's Now Live & ready To Utilize In Your Clinical Workups & Veterinary Ultrasound Examinations

The clinical search and pathology search mechanisms in veterinary ultrasound is a growing archive of detailed actual veterinary patients that were diagnosed by use of clinical sonography by Dr. Eric Lindquist & colleagues throughout the US, Canada, & Europe.

The CLINICAL SEARCH allows for any veterinarian or veterinary staff/technicians and RDMS ultrasonographers to help enhance and refine the probabilities of the diagnostic outcome of their cases by profiling the clinical signs, blood-work & urinalysis results, and signalment of the patient to help answer the question, "What does this?" in veterinary medicine. Naturally veterinary ultrasound was utilized in all these cases in order to achieve the diagnosis and clinical direction of the case (ultrasound guided biopsies and aspirates, medical therapy, surgery,...) and help achieve the definitive diagnosis.

Each case is described with the ultrasound images, clinical history, clinical differential diagnosis (By Remo Lobettii PhD, DECVIM - Internal Medicine), sonographic description and sonographic differential diagnosis describing the images (By Lindquist DMV, DABVP or Yanik DVM, DACVR), sampling results and cytology or histopathology, and the case outcome. The format is easy to follow and takes only a couple of minutes of click a checkbox 5-10 times and click "search" for similar profiles. The second part is the Basic PATHOLOGY SEARCH in veterinary ultrasound. The clinical sonographer or clinician can use a key word of any disease such as "Obstruction"(GI, Biliary..) or "Addison's" disease or "Murmur" and the search engine will hit all the pertinent cases with images and videos and format described above. abdominal disease, cardiac disease, thyroids, parathyroids, strange unexpected pathology and outcomes are all here for your exploration.

We have documented > 500 current cases that comprise, basically, a virtual manifestation of a series of historical facts in small animal medicine and some exotics. The best thing is that we are just getting started as the archive grows constantly and is available for research and teaching purposes in veterinary ultrasound and internal medicine. This clinical search engine is the first of its kind in veterinary medicine and the most intuitive and in depth of its kind anywhere. We built it for speed, accuracy and user friendliness and will continue to refine it every day especially with your help commenting on your experience contact us.

We hope you enjoy this clinical and pathology search as an adjunct and integral part of your clinical workups in veterinary ultrasound and internal medicine. If the patient is sick then it needs a search profile and likely needs an ultrasound to enhance the diagnostic efficiency of the workup. Then, once you have used the search, come share your experience and discussions of veterinary medicine, ultrasound, veterinary business, and anything else in our peer moderated forum.

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