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RBC, Low

An 11-year-old FS Tibetan terrier was presented for vomiting for 2 weeks. Physical examination found a palpable mass in the abdomen and pale mucous membranes.

A 12-year-old MN Labrador Retriever mix was presented with chronic diarrhea +/- syncopal episodes.Low grade anemia was found on CBC with unremarkable blood chemistry findings.

An 11-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was presented for poor appetite and diarrhea. CBC revealed anemia and a hematocrit of 33. Blood chemistry revealed a low total protein of 3.4, albumin of 1.4, and ALKP of 487.

A 9-year-old MN DSH was presented for evaluation of ascites. On physical examination a distended abdomen and weight loss was evident. Fluid analysis revealed a moderate neutrophilic exudate - suspected bacterial sepsis. CBC showed neutrophilia, monocytosis, and mild anemia whereas serum chemistry was within normal limits.

An intact male mixed breed dog was presented for evaluation of 4-5 days of progressive abdominal distension. Abnormalities on laboratory work were heartworm positive and anemia. Survey radiographs showed cardiomegaly and a possible abdominal mass.