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Mitoxantrone Home Care

Home Care Instructions
Mitoxantone Treatment
(Patients Name and Date Here)

Clinical Signs                                       Monitor                                      Call Hospital (   )   -____

Appetite                                               Picky, but still eats                 Inappetence
Attitude                                                Slightly Lethargic                  Lethargy and/or Reluctant to Move
Bowel Movement                                Soft stool                                 Diarrhea
Temperature                                        <103 F                                        >103 F              
Urination                                              Normal                                    Bloody Urine
Vomiting                                               Single Event                           Frequent and/or Retching
Mucous Membrane                             Pink/Moist                              Pale/Jaundice
Eyes                                                       Clear                                         Signs of Conjunctivitis
Right/Left Front Leg                           Injection Site                            Red/Swollen/Painful
Allergic Reaction                                 >>>>>>>>>>>>                          Facial Twitching
Allergic Reaction                                 >>>>>>>>>>>>                          Hives
Allergic Reaction                                 >>>>>>>>>>>>                          Swelling Primarily on the Face

  • Wear double layered gloves when cleaning up urine, feces, or vomit for 48 hours after receiving Mitoxantrone. Discard material in garbage bag and clean area thoroughly with regular cleaner and try to cover or avoid carpeted areas for 48 hours after cleaning. For pet waste outside, try to avoid the area for 48 hours and spray with water to dilute waste.
  • A blue-green color to urine or a bluish color to the sclera may be noted but is of no concern.
  • Maintain a low-stress environment during treatment.
  • Ensure proper scheduling for follow-up laboratory work and next Mitoxantrone treatment.
  • If at any time you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call our office. No question is too small.


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