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Homemade Harness

Here is an idea for a harness you can make in the hospital using 3 leashes. It’s great for those fractious or otherwise difficult to handle dogs that are going to be hospitalized for whatever reason and must be taken in and out of the cage safely. It eliminates the need to try to throw a looped lead over the dog’s head, particularly unpleasant if the dog is growling at the back of the cage, or next to impossible if the dog is wearing an e-collar. This harness can stay on the dog for the duration of its stay. If the dog is very bad the end of the leash can even be hooked onto the cage for easy access, or a 4th leash can be added for additional length. My model is sedated, but it can be applied to an awake animal also. Credit for this idea goes to my RVT Laura Keck, who brought lots of good ideas when she came to work with us.

Figure 1. Wrap first leash under the upper leg, behind the elbow and up to the top of the shoulder

Figure 2. Wrap remainder of the leash under the neck and bring the other end up so it is also on top of the shoulder

Figure 3. The second leash is placed in front of the shoulder, between front legs and around the down side up to the top of the shoulder

Figure 4. All four ends of the leash meet at the top of the shoulders

Figure 5. The leashes should cross between the front legs if placed correctly

Figure 6. Pull both leash ends through both metal loops

Figure 7. Make sure the harness is snug around the chest, and make a tight knot out of the 2 ends near the metal loops

Figure 8. Take a third leash and loop it through both leash ends

Figure 9. Then pull it down snugly

Figure 10. Now the harness is complete and there is a long leash attached. You could attach another leash if you wanted it even longer.

Figure 11. Another view of the harness