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CPR Protocols

Dogs/Cats: Chest compressions should be done in lateral recumbency
Should compress 1/3-1/2 width of the thorax
Large breed dogs- Compress over widest portion of thorax
Barrel chested dogs- compressions in dorsal recumbency may be considered
Chest compressions rate: 100-120 compressions/minute for cats and dogs
Allow for full recoil of chest to allow optimal return of blood flow to myocardium
Ventilation is at 10 breaths/minute with tidal volume of 10ml/kg (if measured). Inspiratory time of 1 second.
So: ventilation and compression rates are different- not matched

Rotation of compressors every 2 minutes as able
Interposed abdominal compressions reasonable when sufficient personnel are available.

Current recommendations are to commence chest compressions initially when CPA is diagnosed (compressions first) and then proceed to intubate (typically NOT interrupting chest compressions- so intubation in lateral recumbency). So a CAB model vs. ABC :)