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Pulmonis Stenosis Mild

Patient Information

6 Years


The echocardiographic examination showed a marked enlarged left atrium, moderate degenerative lesions of the AV-Valves, a high grade Mitral- and Tricuspidal insufficiency and systolic dysfunction. The dog suffered from pulmonary hypertension (at least 100 mm Hg) too.
Colour flow Doppler: Systolic turbulence starting at the pulmonic valve and extending into the pulmonary artery. Mild pulmonic insufficiency. Mild tricuspid regurgitation
Images 4 & 5: Spectral Doppler: Assymmetric flow profile (acceleration time shorter) and high peak velocity on CW-Doppler across the left ventricular outflow tract and pulmonic valve (3,27 m/s, pressure gradient 43 mm Hg). A considerable pulmonic insufficiency is also detected. PW-Doppler reveals peak velocity and turbulence at the level of and slightly behind the pulmonic valve.


Border Terrier, 6 years old, male

Heart murmur was heard by the referring Vet during a routine examination. The owner never registered any symptoms

Clinical examination:
Systolic heart murmur over the left heart base 2/6,; pulse, capillary refill time, respiration normal. sinus rhythm on ECG without any axis deviation.

Clinical Differential Diagnosis

Mild valvular pulmonic stenosis


Therapy: none


Images 1 & 2, Video 1: 2D-Echocardiography: Mild right ventricular concentric hypertrophy, pulmonic valve thickened and somehow immobile. AV-Valves without any abnormalities, left ventricle and aortic valve without pathologic findings