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Mark Dirven (DVM), Diplomate ECVIM-CA Cardiology

Mark Dirven (DVM) graduated from Utrecht University The Netherlands in 2004. Since then he is working as a clinician in cardiology, ultrasonography and internal medicine in several veterinary clinics throughout the Netherlands.

In January 2012 he started an ECVIM-CA(Cardiology) approved Alternative Residency Training programme, combining his work in private practice with a residency training in cardiology and internal medicine. In March 2017 he passed his certifying exam to become a European specialist in cardiology (Diplomate ECVIM-CA Cardiology). Now he is one of only two cardiology specialists in the Netherlands.

In September 2014 he started his own company, Ictuscordis, providing clinical services, consultancy and training. Currently he is working in the cardiology department of the Utrecht University companion animal clinic, several referral hospitals throughout The Netherlands and for Ictuscordis. He is involved in several clinical research projects on congenital and acquired feline heart disease, screening for heart disease in larger populations, feline systemic hypertension and feline lungworm disease. Furthermore, he is well known for bridging the gap between academia and private practice, which is reflected in practical advice to referring vets and in his way of lecturing and teaching students and colleagues both in his own country as well as abroad.

Outside work he is a keen road racing cyclist and cyclocrosser.