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Jeanine French, SDEP® Certified Clinical Sonographer

Jeanine French, SDEP® Certified Clinical Sonographer

My love of all animals began before I could walk.  It’s an ongoing joke within my family, how I cannot remember my parents friends or neighbors names, but I ALWAYS remember their dogs names!  I was lucky enough to grow up in a rural area where I had access to all animals: companion, farm and wildlife.   As a child I was heavily involved in our local 4-H community where I raised and showed rabbits, showed horses and even cattle.   As I approached young adulthood my lifes journey took me to musical performance degree, but I could not ignore my enduring love for animals, which led me to working part-time weekends at The Animal Emergency Hospital of Newton in 2001 while my children were still young.  This allowed me to do what I loved and still be home with my children as they were growing up.  Shortly after starting at Animal Emergency, I also began working at the Fredon Animal Hospital.  I worked and received most of my training during my 18 years as a Senior Technician under the mentorship of Dr. Linda Grau. While working at Fredon I was able to broaden my knowledge and experience working in all avenues of veterinary medicine, from front end to surgery.  I had the opportunity to work with everything from hedgehogs to Irish Wolf Hounds.  I also was given the privilege of being the primary surgical technician when working with the most amazing raptors requiring medical attention while rehabilitating  with The Delaware Raptor Society, under the direction of Bill and Stephanie Streeter.  This amazing opportunity gave me the opportunity to work with these magical birds including the very small Saw-whet Owl and the giant Golden Eagle, helping to ensure their safe and healthy return to the wild.

It was during this time that I was first introduced to Dr. Eric Lindquist and ultrasound. I was instantly  interested in ultrasound and what it brought to the diagnostic table.  Specifically it was a very personal awakening for me when my very special dog Coto, an 8 year old mastiff/pitbull rescue became acutely ill with what we believed to be a splenic bleed. As we were preparing to stabilize him for surgery with a blood transfusion, despite all of our efforts he was failing and dying before my eyes.  I called Dr. Lindquist…..on a Saturday no less, and he graciously agreed to stop what he was doing and come to the hospital to ultrasound my special friend.  When he arrived Coto was in cardiac arrest, and while we were conducting CPR, Dr. Lindquist began performing a sonogram and advised me that it was likely had round cell cancer, it was metastatic and to let him go.  It was one of the saddest days of my life, but I was so grateful to have the information, an answer.  It made my letting him go, and congruently my healing a little easier.  It was at that very moment I knew where I wanted my future in veterinary medicine to be.  We quickly purchased an ultrasound, I began training with Sonopath , and became the inhouse sonographer at Fredon Animal Hospital.  That was 7 years ago. 

Working as veterinary Clinical Sonographer was a  career dream of mine that I was fortunate to make happen with the opportunity to work full time for Sonopath.  It’s a privilege I take very seriously every time I perform an ultrasound I hope to give the family of each and every pet the same information and peace of mind I received 8 years on that day that changed my life forever.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my adult children Andrew and Emma preparing family dinners.  I have also enjoyed learning how to flyfish with my finace Jeff, which has taken me to some of the most beautiful amnd remote places in the world, Including Scotland where while fishing in the Highlands I was lucky enough to catch and release an Atlantic Salmon.  I also enjoy spending weekends in our home in the Catskills hiking and fishing with my rescue dog Tippit.