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Diane McFadden, B.S., R.V.T., SDEP Certified Clinical Sonographer / Kelly Vazquez, C.V.T., SDEP Certified Clinical Sonographer

Diane McFadden, B.S., R.V.T., SDEP Certified Clinical Sonographer

I attended Gettysburg College for 3 years, and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1982 with a B.S. in animal psychology with concentrations in biology and economics. Still finding my way, I then worked as a research technician at the university, and knew I loved medicine and working with animals. I also knew that lab animal science was not for me.
After moving to North Carolina in 1986, I accepted a job at Catawba Heights Animal Hospital in Gastonia, first as a receptionist then working my way into an available technician slot. In 1995 a vet tech program was developed at the local community college, and I immediately applied for it and proudly became part of the first graduating class in 1997. I was promoted to head technician at the same hospital, and later practice manager. In 2001 I moved back to my home state of NJ and joined Andover Animal Hospital as head technician and practice manager. In 2010 I began working for SonoPath very part time. In 2014, looking for a new challenge, I trained under Dr. Lindquist’s SDEP program in abdominal and cardiac ultrasound. Following this training, I performed all of the ultrasounds at Andover. My role at SonoPath gradually expanded to include compiling case studies for the website,  hosting SonoPath exhibit tables at conferences that include ACVC, NJVMA, PVMA, and ACVIM, and whatever else is needed.  I am one of the instructors for the SonoPath  abdominal, cardiac and orthopedic ultrasound wet labs, and also an instructor for veterinary hospital staff learning the SDEP program. On September 1st, 2015, I was excited and proud to join SonoPath full time as a SDEP certified clinical sonographer, instructor and research associate.
My husband and I love to ride our mountain bikes on all of the rail trails we can find, and  we also love to “go adventuring” – just get in the car and go somewhere we’ve never been, usually involving antiquing /junk shopping /photography /exploring /wineries /whatever. I love vegetable gardening on my deck,  and rarely go  anywhere without my kindle loaded with books. Trail riding with my horse Candy is my greatest escape.  And our nine wonderful cats tend to keep us close to home and are a constant source of chaos, love and entertainment!


Kelly Vazquez, C.V.T., SDEP Certified Clinical Sonographer

I have been a veterinary technician since 2001 and achieved my certification in 2005. I had worked for the Franklin Lakes Animal hospital under Dr. Cheryl Welch as a surgical, admit/recovery, and in-hospital technician for over 10 years.

Prior to my animal nursing career, I worked for 8 years as a pottery instructor and studio manager. I went from mucking around with clay to anesthetizing dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, raccoons, you name it, I knocked it out. My initial training….”thrown to the wolves” comes to mind. I pretty much trained in the moment with the help of many great seasoned technicians and doctors guiding me along the way.

I have street cred, no formal schooling, it was sink or swim, so I swam. I have to say that is one of the many reasons why I love working in this field, everyday is a new opportunity to learn, to hone your skills, to be a better technician for the next patient. When I was pregnant and big as a house in 2008, I was given the opportunity to work for Dr. Eric Lindquist for as an ultrasound research assistant. He consistently has things brewing on the horizon so I always get to work on new projects as well. After hours of intensive training with Dr. Lindquist, I am now a SDEP certified clinical sonographer, and instructor at our training labs. It continues to be a fantastic experience working with the whole team at Sonopath. I work with some very special people, all with strength, determination, a great love for animals, and an unstoppable drive. A sick sense of humor seems to be a common thread. :)

My background is Irish/Sicilian and my husband is 100% Cuban; what a combo! We have two children and any number of dogs, a quiet household we are not.







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