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Chiara Leo DVM, MSc, MRCVS, PgCert FHEA Dipl. ACVIM (Oncology)

Chiara Leo DVM, MSc, MRCVS, PgCert FHEA Dipl. ACVIM (Oncology)

•    Graduation at the University of Milan, Italy, in 2003
•    Oncology specialist internship at the University of Zurich, Switzerland
•    12 years of experience in Oncology
•    Specialist training: Residency of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (sub-specialty Oncology) with board certification in 2012

•    University of Milan, italy
•    University of Zurich, Switzerland
•    Washington State University, USA
•    Royal Veterinary College, London, UK
•    Istituto Veterinario di Novara, Italy

Dr. Chiara Leo graduated from Milan University (Italy) in 2003, and knew from start that Oncology was her only interest and that she should move abroad in order to strengthen her knowledge in this field. She completed an internship at the Tierspital University of Zurich (Switzerland) and then a residency in Oncology at the Animal Oncology and Imaging Center in Zug (Switzerland). She spent part of her residency at Washington state University, then moved to London. Dr. Leo had been appointed Lecturer in Oncology at the Royal Veterinary College (London, UK) from 2011 to 2016 and “ad interim” Head of the Oncology service  from 2015 to 2016. In 2016 she moved back to Italy, where she became head of the Oncology service at the Istituto Veterinario Novara. In her free time, Dr. Leo enjoys hiking with her dog Arturo.

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